Crime Stoppers of Vermilion, Inc.

     Crime Stoppers of Vermilion, Inc. was established in 2021. The program operates under the direction of a civilian board of directors. The board of directors is compiled of five (5) members from various areas of Vermilion Parish. Crime Stoppers of Vermilion, Inc. meets quarterly to review all business matters. Under the direction of the board of directors, Public Information Officer Eddie Langlinais serves as the Director, handling day to day business for the organization.

     Crime Stoppers of Vermilion, Inc. was created with the goal of assisting Vermilion Parish Law Enforcement agencies, by paying out cash rewards for information that leads to the arrest and/or conviction of violators of crime. Tipsters can call in information regarding a crime. If their information is used to make an arrest, a cash payout may be requested.

     Payouts are recommended to the board of directors once the information has been confirmed to have been utilized to solve the crime. A payout amount is decided based on the amount of information given, the type of crime and risk level imposed to obtain the information. Once a tip has been determined to have been used to make an arrest and/or conviction, pay outs could be made.

     Tips are paid by funds generated through court cost of violators of the law.

     All callers remain anonymous.

     Tips can be made through the tips line at (337)740-TIPS / (337)740-8477.